Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How diffident can I be....

How diffident can I be if I just put a twitter badge on my blog.

It does make some sense if you consider that I don't tweet frequently, but I do follow any number of "friends" on twitter.com
I am especially fond of twitter.com\TwitterLit and the brand new twitter.com\Twitterprose

With a variety of reasons for keeping what I am doing lately mostly to myself, I nonetheless keep myself connected by following the conversation and updates of others. Many of these are folks who have little idea who I am, just an occasional comment on a blog or a sign on in a meebo room (usually as some form of the name smkvt)with no chat from me.

Maybe this lurking seems a bit creepy or even somewhat sad, but for me, for now, the tweets and the chat are good company when I may not be much good company to myself or others.

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